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Q: How many titles can I check out at a time?
A:You may have up to 2 titles checked out at a time.

Q: How long is my checkout period?
A: The default checkout period is 14 days. You have 2 options If you choose to read the book in your browser you may return the book earlier.If you want to download the book or audio book you go to your settings to change the lending period to 7 days. To chnage the lending time go to your settings once you have signed in.

Q: Can I renew a title?
A: Titles cannot be renewed, but they can be checked out again after they expire, provided they are still available.

Q: Can I reserve a title?
A: Yes, up to 2 titles can be reserved and you have up to 2 days (48 hours) to check out the tiles once you receive a notice that it is available. Once your 2 days are up and you have not checked the title out it will go to the next person on the list and you will have to reserve it again.

Q: How many videos can I have checked out at a time?
A: You can have 2 videos out at a time. Videos are only good for 3 days.

Q: What is OverDrive Read?
A: OverDrive Read is not an app but, the ability to read the book in your browser.






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